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Get Serious July 29, 2007

Posted by draftgeneral in Fantasy Football, Fantasy Sports, NFL, sports.

Well, it is time for me to get serious about fantasy football and the upcoming NFL season. With so many websites, magazines, and draft kits out there I decided to do my best research to find out who has the boldest and most reliable information out there.

What I have found thus far is that there are some really good blogs out there and what has made them good is it appears that not many of them are not trying to make a buck. Just passionate football fans having fun while writing about the sports they love!

Which brings me to this; when I think about all of the pay sites out there I have to question whether or not they have the consumers best interest at hand and if they truly love the games of fantasy sports. Don’t get me wrong, I do realize there are some very good internet businesses out there so I am not referring to them. I am referring to the ones that have outdated material, the same player ratings as everyone else, and a lack of imagination. Anyone can post stats, but not everyone can delve into the mind of a professional head coach or general manager. In other words, it doesn’t appear that some sites really know the game.

What ever happened to the risk-takers who are willing to put everything on the line by making bold predictions and not worry about what others think. Those are the people worth hearing. The ones willing to look bad and by doing so proving 95% of the population wrong. What separates these websites from any other? It’s all opinion! However, I respect those who are willing to have their opinion turn around and smack them in the face?

I found this site (alot of excellent blogs) about a week ago and it inspired me to start this blog. A bunch of freelance writers and sports junkies placing their thoughts and ideas on the internet. How cool is that? 

I haven’t contributed much of my own thoughts but I have put in countless hours of reading and noting which sites deserve the most recognition. Let me tell you there is a short list of respectable writers. The ones who have made bold predictions, awesome draft advice and strategies, interesting yet excellent player and team analysis, MLB updates, and creative yet informative thoughts, are the writers I want to hear.



1. FanProphet - July 29, 2007

Thanks draftgeneral!

2. Tom - July 31, 2007

Good post. Too many sites out there don’t have the courage to put their name on the line when making a prediction, but like you said, those that do deserve some commendation.

Good links, too. I already read a few (and write one!), but not all. I’ll check the rest out!

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